Progressive Dinners


An interesting variation to our Nightclub Tours, integrated with a Tailor-made tour; this tour provides an interesting alternative and is ideally suited to groups with a broader age range or even groups, simply looking for something totally different. As you will appreciate, with meals there are a multitude of variations and options possible – the only limiting factor being cost. Our basic tour has been packaged with costs in mind but can be varied to suit your exact requirements.


After meeting with your group the bus will then proceed to the chosen venue for “starters” – which may be either FINGER FOOD or “Soup of the evening”. The bus will then transport your group to the next venue for the Entrée & Main courses.

Following dinner we will then move on to the next venue for dessert and coffee.

Finally your group has the option of another nightclub to cap the night off with some exercise on the dance floor.

All nightclub admission charges and drinks on board the bus are included. The drinks will be served by our friendly staff and include: Beers, still & sparkling wines, Champagne Rasberry Cocktails, orange juice and soft drinks. Enjoy the music and wide screen video on board and NOW your party can be stars for the night – participating in our “ON BOARD KARAOKE”.

$95 per person


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